We can fix that dead patch of lawn, solve that pesky drainage problem or prune the hollies!

  Softscapes refer to involving plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and sod, and these can help provide a transformation to the outside of your home. A thorough yard clean-up, new mulch, and taking care of overgrown plants and garden beds, will leave the landscape of your home a warm, inviting outdoor space!

Yard Cleanup generally includes the following type of work:


  • Clean out landscaped beds to remove weeds, dead or dying shrubs.

  • Prune/shape all exsisting shrubs.

  • Re-define all bedlines to create a clean, crisp separation between the lawn and landscape beds.

  • Install new mulch

  • Prune existing trees to remove low lying limbs and raise the canopy.

  • Remove invasive weeds and vines.

  • Remove debris and clutter from the yard.


                These are just a few things that will quickly and dramatically 

                  improve the value of your home and restore your property!             

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