Customers Testimonials

 We appreciate our customers and want to provide them with the best possible service!

Description of Job:  Ongoing service from early spring to late fall, I use their yard and design services. Taylor Lawn & Landscaping has serviced my sprinkler system and have been my lawn service company for over ten years. Planting new trees, shrubs and maintaining my lawn. I always get excellent service, on time and for a reasonable price!


Comments:  Taylor Lawn & Landscaping, especially good at landscape design and maintenance of my yard. On time, professional, friendly, but here to "work" not chat. I like that a lot. "Very trustworthy"! 

Leawood, Kansas

Description of Job: Ventreat, power rake, over seed (most recent). In past, major landscaping all done expertly!


Comments:   The workers were exactly on time, thorough and efficient! Very professional and personable.

Prairie Village, Kansas

Description of Job: Taylor Lawn and Landscaping designed and installed a lawn sprinkler along with re-designing the landscape to include a vast array of flowers.


Comments: The landscaper, and 3 workers arrived on time, worked diligently with workers until job was complete. The finished product was more than my expectations and I was not bothered at all. Great job and company I would highly recommend. Very professional and beautiful end result!




​Description of Job: Back flow checked for sprinkler system turned on & checked sprinkler system vertices, seeded & fertilized yard.

Comment: The company workers were on time & very professional, has good knowledgeable of lawn and sprinkler systems.

Kansas City, MO